Because of the great weather, the Regulators will be conducting a Cowboy Match on Saturday the 18th of February.  There will not be a match in March.

"The Regulators" are a group of cowboys and cowgirls from North Central Arkansas and South Central Missouri that gang up the third Saturday each month to run all the no-goods out of town that have drifted in since last month. Seems a cowboys work is never done.

Take heed, all that might have something crooked up your sleeve, besides your elbow, don't be in town when the Flint Hill Gang arrives unless you are ready for a shoot out.

The Saturday shoot is 6 main stages, maybe some speed pistol, maybe some skeet, or what ever we have time for.   If you have ammo left after the shoot we will try to come up with something so you can get rid of it.

SASS rules apply !!

For you that would like to help throw out the riff-raff

Registration is at - 9:00 am

Safety Meeting - 9:30 am

Shooting starts shortly after.

Shooting Fees:

$10.00 Members

$15.00 Non Members

Click below to view and print the membership application to join the South Fork River Regulators:


Contact Information

By Mail:
South Fork River Regulators
1603 Hwy 9 N.
Salem, Arkansas   72576
By Phone:
Arkansas Harper 870-847-0733


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